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Muscle up Meals / how many calories to gain muscle?

Muscle up Meals, Exercise Maintains Body Fitness. But know what to eat before, during and after exercise

If the body is dormant then it is impossible to do anything and it can also lead to obesity. If the body is covered by obesity then many illnesses can be kissed.

For this we need to keep the body fit. Exercise along with proper diet can help your body stay healthy.

But if you exercise, you need to expend more energy. For this, the body also needs energy. Thus, the food that is given to the body before and after exercise is a source of energy.

In this article we will tell you about the foods you should eat before, during and after exercise. You know this.

According to a study by the American College of Sports Science, the body should be provided with food and water before, during and after exercise. This helps maintain blood glucose concentration and perform better. It can also speed up recovery. Thus athletes drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise.

bodybuilding food list.

what food do i want eat before exercise?

Exercising on an empty stomach can cause your body to burn more calories and get tired quickly. This is why you should eat a certain amount of food before exercise.

What to Eat and Drink Before Exercise

Drink whole grain cereal or whole wheat toast and skim milk. You can also eat non-fat yogurt or eat apples and bananas that are fruits.

Do not consume saturated fat

This is because it slows down digestion and prevents oxygen and energy from flowing through the muscles. This will affect your workout. If you are going to get up early and exercise, then eat a banana or apple. also read this: How to do cable squats workout.

If in exercise

Whether you are a professional athlete or a regular exerciseer, drink some water during the exercise. If your workout ends in an hour, then you don’t need to eat anything. But if you exercise longer than that, you should eat less fatty yogurt, banana or dried grapes.

how many calories to gain muscle?

After the exercise

This is the most important fuel that your body gets after exercise. Thus you should eat the right food and drink.


Exercise helps strengthen carbs. After 20-60 minutes of exercise, the meat blocks carbs and protein to conserve energy and aid recovery.


Protein helps to repair and build muscle. Eat protein after exercise. These are some general guidelines and it can vary from person to person to determine which exercise he or she is doing.

You should try it and talk to a nutritionist and make a decision.

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