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Iran blames the world

Iran blames the world, Arrest of US-based militant leader. Iran has accused jamshid sarhad, who was leading, of being the head of a US-based terrorist organization.

Iran has arrested the head of a US-based terrorist organization that has been involved in a number of cases, including the 2008 bombing in the southern city of Shiraz.

jamshid sarhad, who was leading the armed and anti-sabotage campaign in Iran, has been arrested and accused of being the head of a US-based terrorist organization.

jamshid sarhad, accused of the horrific bombing of a mosque in Shiraz on April 12, 2008, is now in the hands of Iranian security forces.

jamshid sarhad is the leader of an opposition royal group known as the Kingdom Assembly of Iran or Farsi for Thunder. But Iran shocked the world by calling him the head of the US-based terrorist organization. Also read this: India China 5th round military talks

Iran has already executed three men in the attack and has now arrested jamshid sarhad. Iran has made serious allegations that they were trained by the CIA, the US intelligence unit.

Iran has accused jamshid sarhad of being the head of a CIA-backed militant organization, saying it would take appropriate action against him.

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